72S Why the PVA square sponge have smell ?

2017-06-12 11:55 admin
Some new customer ask me :why the PVA square they buy sponge sample online have some smell.A smell,you need to check it is odorous or not .
If the PVA square sponge produce by a qualified manufacturers,they are cleaned thoroughly,In Jiewanjia our PVA square sponge pass by at least 4times cleaning .If the smell is very heavy ,because they are not cleaned completely.Because PVA square sponge is material by PVA,flour ,hydrochloric acid and other material ,process by high temperature stewing,if without completely cleaning smell will leave.
If unfortunately you but a PVA square with heavy smell,never mind you just need to put it into the warm water clean it times and times.and them put it away some days,until the smell dissipate,then you can use it for cleaning car and windows.
If you need to sell a product you need know its product process and material,if you are a user you buy online you need to check again and again its description.If they says the PVA square sponge have some smell ,you don’t buy it .For the seller when your wholesale purchase the PVA square sponge you also need to be more carefully .Some times a complaint will let you lost much .
So you need to check the quality carefully the trouble will be less.

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