74S Which color of PVA square sponge sold best ?

2017-06-14 09:16 admin
There are different size and color of PVA square sponges.Everyone will choose the PVA square sponge they favorite.For the manufacture and dealer how to make or choose the color is very important.
We need according to customer’s favor to make or choose the PVA square sponge for sale.We know different with different habit ,so they like different color.
For example,German hate dark brown,black,red and dark blue,so when we sell PVA square sponge to German customer we will choose other color .
Mexican don’t like purple ,because it is the color of coffin,So when we talk with Mexican customer we will not wear in purple and also we will choose other customer for them ,Also Mexican don’t like the yellow and red ,we always avoid to introduce this color .
In Brazil brown is for dead purple and yellow are also not god ,they also don’t like the office color .And in Italy purple as well as the maid and cruciate flower is hate by people ,they like picture of animal especial to cat and dog.
Every country have they culture we need to pay attention on them ,
Now we know ,different country with their favor,we just introduce the color who favor is enough .In many Asian country red yellow and blue are the favorite color.

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