75S Where is the place usage amount largest?

2017-06-16 09:31 admin
Some new distributor is very confused ,they find waiting for a customer is very hard ,they wanna take the initiative ,but really don’t where they can promote the PVA square sponge.For my view ,PVA square sponge is the best product for the car cleaning store or 4S store .Because they use the PVA square sponge frequently.Even use the PVA square sponge as a disposable product.
Because of the feature of PVA square sponge are strong absorbing ability,easy to dry softness and durable.If you promote to the car cleaning store or 4S store will be easily .You can show directly for the storekeeper how to clean a car more easily.
Also you can let the employee to help you ,give them some commission.They can introduce the PVA square sponge to the car holder for daily cleaning.It is also very good for cleaning the furniture especial the sofa.
Wherever your sell the PVA square sponge you need to know absolutely the advantages of the PVA square sponge ,and you need to be self-confident.Selling the PVA square sponge not only for money ,but also for making life of every user happier and easier.

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