76S Why PVA square sponge called car cleaning sponge?

2017-06-17 11:13 admin
PVA square sponge is often use for car cleaning,so we called it car cleaning sponges.
As living standards improving,car come into most of families.The car cleaning and beauty become differentiation.
Car cleaning sponge as a cleaning tool for car instead of the duster cloth.So it called car cleaning sponge,but it not just can cleaning sponge,also can cleaning other .
Why it is called car cleaning sponge with the followed reasons:
1.It will function same as the sponges.it can cleaning everything in daily ,such as sofa ,table ,television ,glasses ,watch and so on.
2.It will strong absorbing ability after water cleaning the car,there are much water drop leave on the car,we can wipe we a PVA square sponge ,without water leave.
3. It is very soft ,can protect our car from scratch.we never worry about scratch and paint off.
4.It without batting leaver.Many of towel is make by cotton after some days used ,the batting will leave on the car,the PVA square sponge can solve it
5.Just need to wipe once with the PVA square sponge ,the car is dry ,and after wring out it ,it can use for another car,compare to the towel may need two or three time wiping ,save much time and labor.
So we choose it for car cleaning is best,you very hard to find another product to instead of it.
After some time leave unused,you can shade it dry ,when you use it again ,put it into water some seconds it become soft again,then you can use it.
Because PVA  square sponge we know is made by PVA it can not put in the high temperature ,so when you clean it do put it into the water below 70℃,If the temperature to high will lost its elasticity.
After you use it ,you can shade for dry it or put it into the box,when you use again just put it into water ,let it become soft and wipe it out for use.
Now we know why the PVA square sponge named car cleaning sponge,and know its usage.I think everyone will be feel more better when you use it .

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