77S The five usages of the PVA square sponge

2017-06-18 09:29 admin
We know PVA square sponge as a daily tool is very popular,but some friend know don’t the exactly functions.As a manufacturer of PVA square sponge,I introduce the mainly functions followed:
1.Cleaning household appliances
     PVA square sponge with strong absorbing ability its appear is very soft ,without any water trace leave after wiping,can use for wiping TV,screen,refrigerator,washer,piano and so on.It can protect the surface of the household appliances,increase their service life.
     2.Can be use as absorbing towel
     PVA square sponge with strong absorbing ability,it can dry90% of a sweater with twice absorbing,It also can be use for absorb the wet carpet or clothes,avoid mildew.
     3.Cleaning the furniture
      We can use the PVA square sponge for cleaning furniture without batting and water trace leave,also don’t worry about the scratch of the towel .It also have strong absorbing ability in cleaning dirt ,without any detergent,make furniture cleaning easier .The PAV square sponge itself is also easily to clean,just put it into water rub lightly is will be clean again.
      4.Cleaning the glass
      As the same reason of cleaning furniture ,PVA square sponge can used to cleaning glass without any batting and water trace leave,also can absorb dirt well,It also can be used to clean the tableware.
      5.Cleaning the car
      PVA square sponge can be use for a car cleaning sponge,its softness without scratch on the car,also with strong cleaning ability ,without any batting and water trace leave.It’s the best choice for cleaning car.

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