PVA Bath Sponge Block Dish Scrubber Roller

As biodegradable,e-co friendly and environmental products,conforming the global trend of sustainable development.

No : J1753
Price: ¥
Size: 17.5*7.5*3.5CM
Product Description 
Material: PVA material                   Surface: customized                                  Style: colorful                                                    
Type: clean,dry                               Technics: synthetical                                Age Group: adults
Shape: square                                 Use: car,furniture,house,bathroom       Feature: quick-dry,clean
Size: 17.5*7.5*3.5CM                      Payment Terms: T/T,L/C                           Place of Origin: JIANGXI,CHINA
Model Number: J1753                  Customized: Welcome                              Feature: durable,environmental
OEM/ODM: Welcome                    Packing: polybag,customized package  Color: green,blue,yellow,pink...
Brand: JIEWANJIA                          Country of origin: CHINA                        MOQ: 500-10000PCS                                 

Packaging & Delivery 

Packaging Details:

1.Transparent Polybag(200Pcs/Carton)

2.Printed Polybag(200Pcs/Carton)


4.Other customized request on packaging are welcomed
1) Printing on your logo,patttern,design,etc on packing materials,OEM printings
2) Other packing materials you prefer
Just show us your better idea ^<^.

Delivery Details:

Generally by sea way

Normal:Stocked,ship out once receiving deposit.

Customized:Special colors,shipped in 7 days

                         Special printings,sizes,
shipped in 15 days

                         Special package requirement,days depended on different situations.


As it named,our PVA square sponge are made from PVA material by using advanced technology as an

environmental,mildew proof,modern daily cleaning necessity.Accepting different shape,size,color,

printings as customized order,can be adjustable for numerous of fields for many functions.


1.Cleaning field:

As a durable,safe,environmental and mildew-proof cleaning treasure,not only widely used for household,

kitchen ware,glass cleaning and scrubbing also popular in car washing field for it’s soft touch and lint

free.Using our chamois towel,there will not be any water marks.

Differentiate from common cotton sponge,all of our PVA square sponge are sold after disinfection and

sterilization.So they are fully clean and hygienic to be used for make-up removing and cosmetology.

2.Drying field:

Its absorption capacity is 9 times more than common cotton sponge,whatever water,oil,other liquid,dirt,

dust,etc. are absorbed and erased by it instantly,also suitable for glass and electrical appliances

cleaning and drying safely.

3.Other fields:

As magic cloth,crack cleaning sponge,the sponge head of ground calligraphy pen,medical styptic

sponge,make up cotton,etc.

Usage,Maintenance and Attention 

1.Soak and rinse a new PVA sponge in water for 1-3mins to get soft.

2.Use it after thoroughly wet below 70°C.

3.It can be used and cleaned with neutral detergent when it gets sticky by oil or greasy dirt,just

remember to keep water below 65°C.Just force it lightly,which will take away anything that shouldn’t


4.It will get hard after use and dry for avoiding bacteria growth,which will never influence it’s effects,just

soak it in water for a minute,it will get soft instantly.

5.Keep it wet after use;Saving it after rinsing and drying out if long time no use.

6.Do not expose it in the sun for a long while,which will shorten its life span.


1.Thick enough for absorbent,which absorbs 9 times more than common sponge.Water,oil,other liquid,

dirt,dust,etc. are easily absorbed and cleaned.

2. Get soft in 10s in water from a dry one.Soft and comfort touch feeling.

3.Disinfection and Sterilization before packing.It will also get dry after use for deodorant and preventing

from bacterium and mildew.Totally clean and safe.

4.No fade,no water trace,high elasticity and tear proof,abrasion resistant and totally durable.

5.As biodegradable,e-co friendly and environmental products,conforming the global trend of sustainable



1.Q:MOQ and lead time?

  A:Generally:at least 3000 PCS per order,since common square sponge are always in producing and

in stock so delivery once receiving deposit ;

    Customized:Some special shapes,colors or package requests,etc need at least 10000 PCS/order.It

takes about a week or more for production,it depends on your quantity and the complex degree on

production.Just contact with our on-line salesman about your requests,we will give you answer instantly.

2.Q:Why customized order need more time and costs?

  A:For special colors,we need to buy toner for proofing and need a period of time to confirm color

fastness so as to get in a mass production.

For special shapes,we need to make the cutter mold of your required-shape.

For special package requests,we need to purchase or make packaging materials and start a special

production line for special orders.

These procedures take us more extra labor and material resources as well as time.Meanwhile,we also

have other orders in production so all we can do is to spare no efforts to complete your order as soon

as possible.

As the same as many suppliers,the larger the order,the more discounts we can offer.So we also

recommend you to order as large quantity as you need once.

3.Q:What happens if the sponge get hard and how to fix?

A:There are mainly three Reasons and Solutions:

(1)R:The sponge is evaporated after use.It’s PVA characteristics for prevent from bacterial growth.

  S:Just soak it in water for a minute,it will get soft instantly.

(2)R:It will get hard if exposed so long in the sun,which will shorten it’s lifespan.

  S:So PVA products are not allowed to exposed in the sun.If it get hard in the sun and can not absorb

anymore,means you need a new sponge.

(3)R:After times of use for wear and tear,pollutants absorption,which will decrease it’s elasticity and

make it get hard and useless.

  S:Our square sponge has about 6 months of lifespan,it depends on your use counts and maintenance.

After times of use,it is normal on aging,just get new one,whose superior effects totally worth it.

Customer-Oriented Positioning 

1.With the development of economic and society,people’s living standard are improved,PVA material are

found and applied to most of cleaning products since it has numerous of advantages that beat traditional

sponge products and accepted by more and more people.

2.Thanks to the advanced network technology,E-commerce platform spread all over the world.

Additionally,wholesalers,traditional supermarkets,factories,stores,professional cleaning company,etc

such as these of channels are much enough for distribution.

3.As consumables and new popular daily cleaning necessities,whose function covers a wide scope,there

will always be a great market demands from the whole world.

4.Superior quality and reasonable price will be always popular with people.

Brand Certificate 

Why Choose Us 
1.Professional and experienced:

JIEWANJIA specializes in PVA Series products for more than 15 years with a strong team for R&D.

2.Multiple choice:

Welcome to submit your customized order,there are a wide range of sizes/patterns(logos)/types

(embossing,silkscreen,waffle...)/colors/counts(Ne/Nm)/quality grades for you to choose from as well

as OEM,ODM printings.

Also your samples,which will be best.All of our products are available to be made as your bespoke

requests such as PVA sponge mop,sponge mop head,chamois towel,magic cloth,square sponge,

medical stypticsponge,etc,these PVA series products.


JIEWANJIA emphasizes on quality,we solemnly promise will never sell shoddy products as qualities.

No fade,no lies are our company principles.

Our professional quality control team will make sure your goods totally comply with your order grades

before shipment.

4.Good reputation:

With years of integrity of operating and good reputation,JIEWANJIA has been rated as “Star

Enterprise” and “Advanced Taxpaying Enterprise”.

5.Patent and Authentication:

China National 10 EIA Certificate;

EU PVA sponge mop head testing standard Certificate.


2 factories in JIANGXI Province and ZHEJIANG Province,covers over 20,000 m2   We have sufficient

products stock for your urgent demand.


Within 7 days for 10,000 pieces or less.


Totally reasonable price,EXW price even less than 20% of public-offering price.Thanks to our

advanced equipment and experienced team.


The larger the order,the more discount you get;Our regular clients will get regular discounts.


a.Response within 24 hours on line.

b.We can arrange free low price sponge mop head sample for you as soon as possible.

JWJ is an enterprise that always keeps our customers at the first place,once you

need,we spare no effort to support you.